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    Is there a secret formula to create mind-blowing websites?
    Yes and no. We run a company that handles web design in Dallas, TX and we believe that there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. That’s because our experience has taught us that web design trends change every other year. That means we’ve got to be resourceful and adapt to the change accordingly.
    That’s because our clients don’t want to get stuck with an outdated design. We bet that you feel the same way. You want a website that leaves a lasting impression on the web visitor. It has to be something that compels them to scroll down and immerse themselves in this digital experience.
    So what are the latest trends for website design these days?

    Let’s have a look:
    1. Storytelling through Visuals
    The content might be king, but the visuals are the attention-seeking element on your webpage.
    Images are the first thing that people look at when they land on a page. That’s because it’s much quicker to browse through images than read the whole text.
    It’s why you need to place stunning visuals on your website to lure in the leads. The trick is to tell a story through these visuals and place bold captions below them. It ensures that people know what your company does and what the website is about even if they skip the main copy.
    The same rule applies for product pages and other sections of your website.
    2. Bold & Beautiful Typography
    Don’t have a lot of corporate images to share?
    No problem! You can use typography to create a textured look for the website. Everything from different styles, font sizes, and colors, play a role here. Professional web designers know how to fit these pieces together to capture the essence of your brand.
    They know that the key is to:
    Select large fonts to highlight the catchy slogans and CTAs.
    Switch font sizes for different sections of your webpage.
    Use colorology to set a mood for the website.
    Pick a font style that aligns with your brand values.
    In short, they know how each element can be used to captivate the reader.
    3. Videos FTW
    In recent years, digital marketing has seen a surge in video marketing. Companies have started sharing their brand story through short videos and clips. You may think that these videos are solely for social media pages.
    However, we feel that they don’t look amiss on your official websites. You can place the videos in the background, or make them the focal point of your web page. Well-crafted websites use videos to add a dynamic element to their websites. It allows you to offer a sensory experience to people who stumble upon your page.
    Besides this, just like the visuals, videos are a snappier way of telling your brand story.
    The Bottom Line
    In short, there are lots of different ways to present your brand to a virtual audience. The main idea is to ensure that your voice is heard whenever someone visits your website. You can accomplish this feat by embracing the new trends for website design and relying on professional assistance.
    Need A Hand?
    Just 99 Web Design is full-service digital marketing agency that provides web design in Dallas, TX and beyond. We also offer custom-made brand logos, and other digital marketing services.
    Get in touch with us to boost your online brand presence.

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