• $300 + 30 days = Top 50 iPhone App?

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  • The guys have been busy working on the 4.0 release of ShopSavvy for the iPhone and I was getting a little bored. I was talking to a developer who was interested in licensing our barcode scanner SDK and it occured to me that I could hire someone to build a barcode scanner app using our SDK without bothering our guys. Lots of ShopSavvy users have asked us to release a standalone QR code scanner – something our guys thought was rather silly since ShopSavvy will scan QR codes just fine. I was able to hire a developer to include our SDK into a standalone QR scanner for $300 about a month ago. I was surprise to learn that the scan app ipad was number 43 in Utilities! So for $300 one can build a simple app and get in the top 50?
    ShopSavvy now supports 2G/3G iPhones!
    It took longer than we had hoped, but ShopSavvy now supports ‘wicked fast‘ barcode scanning on both 2G and 3G iPhones. Sadly, there is a little issue with scanning on the 3GS making it slightly slower than before – so if you haven’t updated ShopSavvy on your 3GS (wait until the NEXT update in the next few days). For those of you with older 2G or 3G iPhones it is time to update ShopSavvy. This update also includes QR code support so feel free to scan those funky two dimensional barcodes you may have seen.
    QR Code Scanning in Retail Stores like Best Buy?
    The team here at Big in Japan has been busy working with retailers (and other groups) on various programs, but the most surprising activity is around QR Codes. Just pick up a newspaper and you will read about how QR codes are starting to take hold here in the US. Earlier this year we began supporting QR Code scanning on both the Android and iPhone versions of ShopSavvy. Of course, there were very few QR Codes to scan. I am here to tell you that is about to change.
    Lots of retailers like Best Buy plan to include QR Codes in their stores to help consumers learn more about the products they are selling. Look for the strange little two dimensional barcodes near product displays. You can scan these codes with ShopSavvy and you will receive the information that the retailer is interested in providing to you. Of course, you can still scan the one dimensional barcodes (i.e. the UPC or EAN code) on products and get the standard price comparison you have come to expect from ShopSavvy.
    Just as ShopSavvy can scan these QR Codes from Best Buy we can also help retailers power their own apps with 2D reading technology. Both our iPhone and Android developer SDKs offer QR Code scanning support – just drop our libraries into a retailer’s mobile app and consumers can begin scanning right away.
    Of course 2D codes are popping up on websites like Facebook and in stores thanks to Google’s Favorite places program. We support both of these programs today. Perhaps the most interesting use of 2D codes is by cities. In Washington DC we now support scanning of QR codes in DC Circulator Buses. This month the city added QR Codes on all bus stops and bus shelters. Riders who have ShopSavvy can scan these codes to see a map of their route, their current location and the next bus stop.

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